FREE DOWNLOAD: ‘Current Solutions for Mutual Issues’

Current Solutions for Mutual Issues

Current Solutions for Mutual Issues: postprints from the Icon Book & Paper Group sessions at the Icon Positive Futures conference 2013

It is with great pleasure that the Icon Book & Paper Group bring you the postprints from the group’s sessions at PF13. From the very beginning, it was the organising committee’s firm intention to publish postprints, allowing us to reach all the members within the group and in Icon as a whole, many of whom were unable to be in Glasgow in April 2013. At that time, I naively thought that this would be an easy matter: request the scripts, polish up the wording a bit, add a few images and the postprints would be ready in a few months. As you can see from the date, this was not the case.

The publication has, like the theme of the sessions, been a superb collaborative effort involving a huge amount of co-operation and communication between the committee, the speakers, our editors and the designer. It has been a great experience working with them to produce a lasting body of work that is a comprehensive representation of both our presence at the conference and our strong inter-group links. Our sincere thanks go to them all. I hope you agree that, now you too can enjoy them, the Icon Book & Paper Group postprints were worth the wait.

Victoria Stevens ACR

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