My Favourite Tool: Rebecca D’Ambrosio’s currency-detecting microscope

This fantastic little tool is a currency-detecting microscope. It was introduced to me by a good friend from college, and I loved it at first sight. It is a tiny x60 microscope, with adjustable focus and angle. It has an LED lamp and UV light, and is housed in a little black pouch.

I love it because it is such a handy microscope for identification of prints and photographic material, with the magnification being strong enough to see how the media sits on its substrate. I have also found it useful as a quick way to check the effect of some treatments in progress, such as tape removal, as you are able to see in more detail what is happening at the surface. And it is just really fun to use!

You can find this online for under £2, so if you think a small microscope might be useful what is there to lose!



All images courtesy of Rebecca D’Ambrosio


Rebecca D’Ambrosio, coming from a book arts background, has recently graduated from the MA Conservation in books and archival materials course at Camberwell College of Arts. She is currently doing a course in photographic conservation at The Centre for Photographic Conservation in London.

Have you got your own favourite tool? Then tell us and the rest of The Gathering’s followers all about it! Just drop us a line with either a finished piece or your preliminary idea, plus a photo or two, and we’ll be happy to share the love.

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