Call for papers: IADA Symposium – OSLO 2017

From Generation to Generation – Sharing Knowledge, Connecting People

The deadline for submission of papers is 15 September 2016

We are delighted to invite you to send paper proposals for the next IADA Symposium “From Generation to Generation – Sharing Knowledge, Connecting People” to be held from May 3rd-5th 2017 in Oslo (Norway) at the Oslo Konserthus. 2017 will be the 60th anniversary of the founding of the German association called ADA, which 10 years later became the international body named IADA. We would like to take this opportunity to show how knowledge and experience are shared and transferred from one generation to another, and highlight the importance of preserving and publishing knowledge. In 60 years much has changed in the field; new technologies have been established and traditional techniques have been augmented. Since it is paramount for all to stay up-to-date, we will make sharing and preserving everything from the latest advances to the history of conservation the key topic at this symposium.

IADA welcomes proposals that cover, but are not confined to, the following topics:

  • Old and new techniques, past and current practices: their use, reinvention or adaptation.
  • Education: how did education change over the years? What is the importance of an older generation in new programmes and in the function of internships.
  • Publishing: the role of publishing in the book and paper conservation world, how it is perceived/valued (or not) by other actors in the field and how did it evolve over the years?
  • Master-Apprentice: the relationship between master and apprentice now and then, the projects undertaken in collaboration or as teaching experiences.
  • Meeting places for book and paper conservators (conferences, new platforms, forums, Facebook pages, mailing lists…): where generations meet (or don’t meet) and creating new platforms to exchange.
  • Preserving knowledge: conducting interviews with former conservators, sharing their knowledge and experience, identifying the different schools of theory and practice across generations and countries and the milestones of our profession.

We also invite presentations on recent research, on-going projects and ideas for the future.


Authors interested in presenting a paper should submit an abstract in English (250 words maximum) by 15 September 2016. All abstracts will be reviewed by an international Technical Committee. We also invite ideas for workshops, debates or interactive events. Presenters are typically given 20 minutes.

Please submit abstracts to Any questions can be sent to this email address:

The contributions can be sent using the template found at this address: Otherwise, please include:

  • Name, e-mail and/or Postal address of the author(s), with indication of corresponding author
  • Profession and affiliation of the author(s)
  • Title and subtitle of the presentation
  • Max 250 words abstract of the presentation, with references to figures included, ex: (Fig 1). The results and conclusions or recommendations need to be included.
  • 2 figures (horizontal orientation, 300 dpi) sent as SEPARATE FILES
  • 2 figure captions including the copyrights ©
  • If you want, a portrait photo of main author – sent as a separate file

Please note, that the conference will be held in English only.

Presenters are encouraged to publish their paper in a future issue of the Journal of Paper Conservation (see

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