The Infill: 23 July 2015

It’s The Infill – and not the paper repair kind

What year is it again?

You’re probably sick to death of us banging on about the UNESCO International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, but we get such a huge kick-back from UNESCO we simply can’t help it. No, no, of course we’re joking. The Gathering is absolutely, 100% not for sale.* Last month, we shared with you some beautiful 650nm-sized wavelengths, and we’ll start there again with an enlightening audio report on conservation, chemistry and cochineal (don’t be put off by the 52-minute track length – the bit you’re interested in is only 17). We then move down the spectrum, stopping first at around 570nm, which is apparently where lies the intersection between art supplies and loveable animated characters. ‘The world’s first character-branded colour!!!’ exclaim the marketing geniuses at Pantone (although perhaps they did it without so much punctuation). Cynical as we are, we’re frankly surprised it took until 2015 for this to happen. Hastening on to 475nm or so… ahhh, now this is the kind of colour innovation we like to see, one that has staying power we just can’t quite foresee with Minion Yellow: ‘A Revolution of the Palette: The First Synthetic Blues and their Impact on French Artists‘. Like us, you may not be able to make it to California to see the exhibition, but the compact summary of the history of Prussian blue, cobalt blue and ultramarine is worth a read. So having covered the primary colours, we’ll jump off of this ray of light for now; but don’t worry – we’ll surely have more for you later. After all, IYLLBT has five more months to go. Hooray!

*When it comes to ethics, that is. We love our website, but everyone’s got a price!

A cornucopia of conservation

There have been quite a few interesting conservation projects in the news lately, some completed, some in progress and some desperately seeking funding, including:

*The Infill in no way encourages the reckless dissemination of conspiracy theories. That goes for rumour, innuendo, malicious gossip and misinformation too. The only things we like to spread are joy and the smell of freshly baked brownies from the Gathering HQ’s luxuriously appointed kitchen.

A drove of discoveries

It’s been a veritable new Age of Discovery, all conveniently packed into one handy month:

Your video treat:

is just downright fascinating. We admit the murrine demonstration videos are long ones, but at least take a look at the sliced glass paintings produced by this technique. We stand in awe of this gentleman’s talent.

The final word…

… goes to you. Or, to be more precise, the final question goes to you: do you really believe, in your heart of hearts, that the bearded chap in this photo is actually Vincent Van Gogh? We don’t. We’re not even convinced Gauguin is there. And whoever they are, we definitely don’t think they look particularly drunk.

Thanks for reading. Now if you could just cajole ten of your friends into signing up for The Gathering, we’d be ever so appreciative. They don’t even have to be close friends. They could be casual acquaintances, individuals you merely tolerate or people like the slightly disdainful bloke who works at the off-licence round the corner. Just get us to 500! (By the way, did we mention you look particularly fetching today? That colour really works on you. And have you just had your hair cut? It really brings out your cheekbones.)

Sycophantically yours, The Infill

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