Call for papers: Icon Book & Paper Group conference

Call for Papers

Adapt & Evolve: East Asian Materials and Techniques in Western Conservation

Icon Book & Paper Group conference

London 8–10 April 2015

The conference will be divided into two themes, which are briefly outlined below. You are encouraged to base the content of your paper on one of these themes.

Adapt & Evolve: papers which explore the introduction, formalisation and evolution of East Asian materials and techniques in the conservation of Western book and paper collections.

Materials & Techniques: submissions on the latest research into materials and techniques borrowed from Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea.

Abstracts are invited on all aspects of conservation relevant to these themes, including scientific studies and PhD research. Proposals for practical workshop sessions are also welcomed.

Abstracts should be in English and 300–500 words in length. Please also include the title of the presentation, name(s) of the author(s), postal address, telephone number, and name and email address of the presenter. Participation from students, new Icon members and professionals in allied fields is encouraged.

Please submit abstracts to:

The deadline for abstracts is 30 June 2014. A selection committee will review abstracts and notify speakers no later than 30 September 2014.

Please consult our website for further details:

This will be updated with more information about the conference and the themes as it becomes available, as well as abstracts from key speakers.

A call for posters will follow in June 2014.


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